Photography and Visual Impairment

Ever since my first photography project with a day centre in Bristol where one of the participants was 'registered blind', I have wanted to work up a camera based arts project working with people with severe visual impairment.  This isn't a perverse challenge – there are several celebrated 'blind' photographers working in various countries, and I have been experimenting with some technical adaptations to both create and enjoy images.

I met with the Dorset Blind Association several years ago, but our discussions didn't survive a re-organisation there.  I have now found a fellow traveller in Geoff  Jones, the new Training Manager at Holton Lee, and we are currently looking for funding to work up a project for 2012 that brings together photography and a multi-sensory response to the environment there.

Any suggestions welcomed!

New website for The Eleventh Hour

Finally! well, almost finally…

It has taken an age to move the old static Eleventh Hour website to a new WordPress base, and to refine its content to just the participatory arts projects I enjoy so much.  It's still not quite finished – the articles look a bit dry without photographs, and I have galleries of project images to build where there are no privacy issues – but at least it's there as a useful (I hope!) entity.  It has made me finally put a bit more structure into my recording of these projects – I can't believe how long it has been since I started trying to do this, but it was quite tiresome in static html.

Right – what's next….?

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