Setting up Projects

Setting up an arts-based participatory project isn't hard, but there are some key steps to think through, and this planning stage may need to be quite some time before any planned start date.

Funding is always one of the key issues (but not the main one: planning a project that meets the needs and goals of the participants should always be the priority) and ideas might need to stay flexible until a funder is found – most will impose some conditions that need to be planned for.  I used to provide a hint sheet for possible sources of funding, but things change now so rapidly that it is easier to start with an idea and then look for a suitable benefactor.  Times are hard…  but that doesn't mean there is no support out there, and helping find funding I see as part of my role in facilitating a project.

There are some aspects of setting up a project that are common to most funders – such as determining a group's status as charity or otherwise, identifying certain types of participant, some level of recording and evaluation, financial controls and management, etc.  I don't have all the answers, but my experience of running a wide range of projects over the last ten years, and a previous life handing out project funding from various government budgets, will help you through some of the obstacles.

I am very happy to meet with any group to explore possible projects, and in most cases won't expect to be paid until some source of funding has been secured.

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