Photo Echo website up and running…

It's still a bit rough around the edges (default Wp install and free template), but the site for the Photography/ESOL project is up – and thanks to Sunnie has its first article on shopping in England.

Have a look, spread the word…  –

Photography and Environmental Art for the Visually Impaired

Great feedback from our first trial session at Holton Lee – on a rather chilly afternoon in early December.  Despite the weather, we were able to trial some approaches which were well received, exploring a sensory approach to the landscape through touch and photography.  It was good to have Tim and his wife from BSVI to help and document the event.

Next stop – working with BSVI to look for funding – It would be great to have something longer term running during the summer of 2012…

Project student wins award…

It’s great when this happens…

Gary, who was part of the Changing Faces project with RMT/ASLEF/SWTrains, has just won an award for his photograph of local engine sheds at dawn.

We’re really keen to get another project going – just need to start asking for funding…

Isn’t rebuilding a pain…?

Almost back after hack attack.  just got the images to re-upload, the theme to tweak, the domain to re-align, the server to double check…

Cardiff after dark: Maciej Dakowicz

This seems to be particularly well timed…

Cardiff after dark: Maciej Dakowicz

Cardiff after dark: Maciej Dakowicz

see for more details….


Photography/ESOL Project – Good to Go!

Phew!  They say be careful what you wish for…

I now have the go ahead for a brace of photography projects aimed at Eastern Europeans (A10 category)  living in and around Bournemouth and Poole.  The only problem is having to spend all the funds by the end of December 2011.  The restrictions may seem a bit harsh, but that comes attached to the funding stream this time.  If we can’t get enough participants we may be able to extend that a little.


  • a six week photography project leading to an exhibition in 2012.  Participants will get to photograph a range of locations and events around east Dorset, and we hope to be able to squeeze in a trip to London or Bath.
  • a short project working with young families in and around Bournemouth and Poole
  • a short initial engagement project with sex workers in the area – we hope this can lead to a more sustained support through other projects.

If you know anyone who might be interested, tell them to get in touch!

Photography and ESOL project – update

Things are moving!  We have a chance to run this project but time is tight – the funds have to be spent by end of December 2011.

There are two introductory workshops to get the project rolling:  13.30pm at Bournemouth Learning Centre on Tuesday 11th October, and 10.00am at Oakdale Centre on Wednesday 12th October – details on poster image below, or email me, or ring Skills&Learning Bournemouth and Poole on 01202 262305.

These two workshops will set out what the project intends to achieve, as well as recruit photographers to take part.  So – if you (or someone you know) are from Eastern Europe, want to take part in a photography project, and speak English as a second language – come along!

There may also be opportunities for the group to travel to London later in the year.

Photography and ESOL Project Poster

Changing Faces Photography Project

We are still organising the main exhibition and launch of this portrait project – but I’m really pleased that the work will also been chosen by RMT for the World of Work Exhibition in Swindon during October 2011.

A dozen super A3 prints are by the door, just waiting for delivery….

Photography & ESOL project

Just started working up a new project with Skills and Learning Bournemouth and Poole – using photography to broaden vocabulary skills for those with English as a second language.  I just like the idea of using a practical experience to also teach something else.

We are just about to advertise for recruits, so if you (or someone you know) is interested in Photography, is over 19, and would also like to improve their command of English, get in touch!

Photography and Visual Impairment

Ever since my first photography project with a day centre in Bristol where one of the participants was 'registered blind', I have wanted to work up a camera based arts project working with people with severe visual impairment.  This isn't a perverse challenge – there are several celebrated 'blind' photographers working in various countries, and I have been experimenting with some technical adaptations to both create and enjoy images.

I met with the Dorset Blind Association several years ago, but our discussions didn't survive a re-organisation there.  I have now found a fellow traveller in Geoff  Jones, the new Training Manager at Holton Lee, and we are currently looking for funding to work up a project for 2012 that brings together photography and a multi-sensory response to the environment there.

Any suggestions welcomed!

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