Red Stop Photography

Just started another project with Mark Carter and the RMT and ASLEF unions working out of Bournemouth Station.  Same idea as Changing Faces but this time we hope to visit various locations around and about – location and architecture rather than portraits.

One diference – we have a website to post images and short reports about each shoot as we go –….

Relays – Art of Sport workshops

Just completed the last of these workshops on Friday.  2000 school kids, 300 RELAYS student volunteers, about 20 artists, three film crews (one on a cherry picker), a mayor, a choir, two Olympic athletes and a couple of very forbearing Olympic mascots – just as well it was chilly or they would have been walking around in personal saunas, given the amount of padding in the suits.

Great fun just to see the excitement this whole olympic thing generates, and hats off to Virgina Bailey of RELAYs who organised the show.  We (thanks again to my three student helpers) ran workshops getting the various school groups out photographing the sport, the art, the grass, each other, and mocking up newspaper front pages with the images…

right – what's next…?

Changing Faces Photography Project

We are still organising the main exhibition and launch of this portrait project – but I’m really pleased that the work will also been chosen by RMT for the World of Work Exhibition in Swindon during October 2011.

A dozen super A3 prints are by the door, just waiting for delivery….

Photography & ESOL project

Just started working up a new project with Skills and Learning Bournemouth and Poole – using photography to broaden vocabulary skills for those with English as a second language.  I just like the idea of using a practical experience to also teach something else.

We are just about to advertise for recruits, so if you (or someone you know) is interested in Photography, is over 19, and would also like to improve their command of English, get in touch!

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