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Relays – Art of Sport workshops

Just completed the last of these workshops on Friday.  2000 school kids, 300 RELAYS student volunteers, about 20 artists, three film crews (one on a cherry picker), a mayor, a choir, two Olympic athletes and a couple of very forbearing Olympic mascots – just as well it was chilly or they would have been walking around in personal saunas, given the amount of padding in the suits.

Great fun just to see the excitement this whole olympic thing generates, and hats off to Virgina Bailey of RELAYs who organised the show.  We (thanks again to my three student helpers) ran workshops getting the various school groups out photographing the sport, the art, the grass, each other, and mocking up newspaper front pages with the images…

right – what's next…?

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Salisbury Hospital – Spinal Unit

Just heard I'm going to be working with the Spinal Unit on a photography project leading up to the paralympics…. Can't wait to get started!

More about the project here

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Relays Sports Leader

Had a great session last Friday in the new indoor Tennis Centre at Wey College in Weymouth.  RELAYS are training young people to run and facilitate sports events around the South West in the build up to the Olympics.  We worked with groups from two schools exploring camera skills and how to take great sports photos, then covered a three hour event of a range of indoor sports in the afternoon.  Wonderful soft lighting from the translucent roof – just like being inside a huge softbox.  A bit chilly, but some excellent photos.

There may be scope to extend this workshop to younger groups, and teachers – watch this space…

"RELAYS aims to inspire young people and their communities to participate in, create and promote cultural and sporting activities; engaging the region with the London 2012 Games and creating a lasting legacy beyond 2012."